Supten Institute intends to become a Center of Excellence for empowering professionals to effectively use Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) applied to healthcare practice, education and research.


Supten Institute is committed to capacity building, for informed healthcare delivery in the 21st century, through the Internet, Social Networking sites and also face-to-face classes i.e., Blended Learning.


Supten Institute shares the values of its founder whose commitment is to offer high quality education across time and space barriers to enable all human beings in asking for and delivering informed healthcare through informatics tools.

The Institute will offer courses through the following modalities:

Ø The programs and examinations will be offered periodically at external locations. These locations will be posted on the Institute website.

Ø The programs will also be offered in a hybrid model, with one day of four courses offered as a pre-conference or post-conference, the remaining six to eight courses online, and the exam online.

Ø The programs and certification exams are available online.

Ø The programs may be conducted as in-house courses for organizations that want to offer the programs internally.

Current Courses


Official Website: http://Supten-Institute.org/

Official Classroom: http://Supten-Institute.net/ and http://Supten-Institute.net/moodle

@FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/150222388399540/

@!YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFmepHVzgyE

For further details please contact: SUPTEN [DOT] INSTITUTE [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM


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